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Photos of Jurassics` boiler at NNR & chassis at Skegness

8th December 2016

The firebox backhead showing most stays riveted or seam welded.

The firebox side showing riveting.

The firebox tubeplate showing all new tubes in place.

Smokebox tubeplate. The material for the new smokebox is on order and is expected to be fabricated in January 2017. The return to steam is getting closer!

17th November 2016

The boiler shell with stay and plug holes tapped and the first stay installed.


The riveting of the firehole ring.

The stays being made on the capstan lathe at NNR.

A finished stay.

14th October 2016

The foundation ring with the rivets and seal welds completed.

The boiler with the firebox riveted in and the welded bosses for the washout plugs fitted.

The hydraulic press forming the hot rivets. (Photo - NNR Engineering)


1st October 2016

"Jurassics" chassis has been thoroughly cleaned, sanded and frames painted.

The new air compressor can be seen mounted behind the rear buffer beam.

The saddle tank has been sanded down and painted. Much work has been done to ensure that it is watertight! The cab is shortly to go for sand blasting prior to painting.

20th September 2016

The firebox is complete and bolted in place in the boiler. The next
job is to rivet in place later this week and then the side stays can
be fitted.

View of firebox backhead showing the bushes for access plugs and
repairs to stay areas.

The new steel internal steam pipe ready to be installed.

23rd July 2016

firebox having girder stays fitted

boiler shell with replacement rivets

new firebox side sheets welded and riveted in place

7th July 2016

A lot of work has been done since the last visit.

New sections welded to the bottom of the backhead and tubeplate

New firebox sides made and ready for welding

Weld repairs to internal wastage and side stay areas

Main steampipe removed for replacement.

The work is expected to be complete later in the summer.

Good progress on our boiler at NNR!

28th April 2016

The NNR are making real progress. All the dismantling work is complete and new parts are being built.

The first photo shows the boiler shell with the wasted plates cut out. The new material is ready to be welded and riveted in.

The next shows the new foundation ring in position on the inner firebox and the third shows the flanged plates being welded to the wrapper.

They expect work to be complete this summer and work continues at Skegness to get the chassis work done for a steaming..........? With more help on the loco chassis, tank & cab structures this could happen sooner - If you would like to join our small dedicated team please get in touch!


 The boiler shell with the wasted plates cut out

The new foundation ring in position on the inner firebox

 The flanged plates being welded to the wrapper.

Boiler work starts at Weybourne - October 2015

Boiler shell after removal of inner firebox.

Old firebox.

Old firebox with door ring removed.

Meanwhile at Skegness the frames are prepared for cleaning & repainting.

The inside motion is visible in this photograph.

Dismantling Jurassic began in 2014