Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Historic Vehicles Trust

caring for historically important railway vehicles at the LCLR - (Charity Registration Number 514443).

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(Reg. Charity NO. 514443)

Skegness Water Leisure Park, Walls Lane, Ingoldmells, SKEGNESS, PE25 1JF

(Version 11.2 – updated 15 April 2019)


Owned by the Company:


Simplex 1935                1920 20 hp bow frame      7       “Nocton “                          Ex WD/NELR

Simplex 3995                1926 20 hp bow frame      1       “Paul”                               Ex WD/NELR

Simplex 7481                1940 20 hp straight frame 4        “Wilton”                            Ex Wilton Rd Brickworks

Simplex 8622                1941 20 hp straight frame 6         -                                       Ex WD

Simplex 8874                1944 20 hp straight frame 5        “Major J A Robins RE”    Ex WD


Gloucester  RC&W        1924 Ashover Carriage No 1                                           Ex Ashover Light Railway

Gloucester RC&W         1924 Ashover Carriage No 2                                           Ex Ashover Light Railway

R Hudson                     1924 Sand Hutton carriage (on 2 x Class D frames)         Ex Sand Hutton Lt Railway

Nocton                         1927 Nocton Estate Shooting Carriage                             Ex WD/NELR

?/Nocton                       1917 Class P open wagon (Nocton condition)                   Ex WD/NELR

?/Nocton                       1917 Class P open wagon (Nocton condition)                   Ex WD/NELR

?/Nocton                       1917 'Hudson' type bogies, 1 braked, 5 unbraked           Ex WD/NELR

R Hudson ?                         ?    Ammunition transport                                                    Ex  MoD Dinton, Wilts.


NB: The Trust has undertaken restorative work on most of the Company's stock, although it does not own them.


Owned by the LCLR Historic Vehicles Trust:


Peckett 1008                 1903 0-6-0ST                             2          “Jurassic”          Ex Southam Cement Works

Simplex 9264                1947 20hp straight frame           8                                  Ex Skegness Brick Works


Gloucester RC&W         1918 Ambulance van                                                      Ex WD/NELR

Gloucester RC&W         1917 Class D bogie open drop side LR12177                   Ex WD/NELR

?/Gloucester RC&W       1917 Class D bogie open drop side                               Ex WD/NELR

?Turners                        1916 Class P ration wagon                                             Ex WD/NELR

Clayton & S'worth          1917 Open Coach, Class D 2572, (Lottery grant funded)  Ex WD/NELR

Allens of Tipton                1935 Hand-powered 'pump truck'                                Ex Killkingholme Pier

R Hudson chassis         1930? 4w ex- tipper hybrid, O&K style box body               Origin unknown

Orenstein & Koppel?       1910? 4w U-skip,rebodied in wood,                              Ex Skegness Brick Works

                                    (possibly reparations, ex-German forces, WW1?)

Flat wagons x 2 ?            Du Croo & Brauns, Amsterdam, Netherlands                   Ex Brocklesby Sawmills


Private Ownership, managed by the Trust


Simplex 8738 ⁱ                 1942 40hp straight frame           tbc          “T3”                     Ex Sinclairs Horticulure,

                                            Deutz F3 912 engine                                                        Penicuik, Midlothian >                                                                                                                                                       private  owner, Oswestry           

Simplex 8825                1943 40hp straight frame           9          “Sark”               EX Bolton Fell Peat Works

                                         Deutz F3 912 engine                                                               (Heathersgill, Cumbria)


?/Local (Cumbria)          1980? Peat wagon, body reduced                                  Ex Bolton Fell

?/Local (Cumbria)          1980? Peat wagon                                                         Ex Bolton Fell



Private ownership


Simplex 8905              1944 (?) to be rebuilt with electric start                                   Carlisle Horticulture


Vehicles scrapped or left the LCLR:


NB: there are five Class D chassis listed (including two under the Sand Hutton carriage body), therefore three frames were scrapped from the eight acquired by the LCLR at Humberston, from the NELR.


Hunslet 705                   1899 0-4-0ST     “Elin”                             1986                 Yaxham>Richmond L.R.

?Turners                        1916 Class P NELR Condition x 2          197?                 Trout Fishery,Louth*

Bristol C&W                  Class P type chassis                             197?                 Brockham > Amberley

Bagnall 2067                 1917 0-6-0ST                             “Peter”  1963                 Brockham > Amberley

Gloucester RC&W         1918 Ambulance Van, hinged doors        198?                 S. Tynedale > Moseley*

Ruston 168437                 1933 30hp 3JP engine            3 “John”   1968               Broken up*

R Hudson                     ? skip chassis             aka “green trolley”           1969                 Trout Fishery, Louth




WD = War Department

NELR = Nocton Estate Light Railway (between Nocton and Bardney, Lincolnshire)

¹ Research continues into loco's antecedence; following

move to LCLR

* = assumed to no longer exist In any substantive form

O & K = Orenstein & Koppel, Berlin, Germany

Gloucester RC&W = Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Co. Ltd

Turners = G.R. Turner Ltd., Langley Mill

Ruston = Ruston & Hornsby Ltd., Lincolnshire

Hunslet = Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd., Leeds

R. Hudson = Robert Hudson Ltd., Leeds

Simplex was the registered  trade name of the Motor Rail & Tramcar Company, later Motor Rail Ltd., of Bedford

Bristol C&W = Bristol Carriage & Wagon Works

Peckett = Peckett & Sons Ltd, locomotive builders, Bristol

Allens of Tipton = .G. Allen & Sons (Tipton) Ltd

Clayton & S'worth = Clayton & Shuttleworth Ltd., Lincoln

Bagnall = W.G. Bagnall and Co., Stafford

Killingholme Pier – Admiralty Pier in River Humber, authorised by North Killingholme (Admiralty Pier) Act 1912