Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Historic Vehicles Trust

caring for historically important railway vehicles at the LCLR - (Charity Registration Number 514443).

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The ex Skegness Brickworks Simplex locomotive

(Photo Geoff Hankin)

The Simplex loco is seen here working at Skegness Brickworks which were situated off Burgh Road - note water tower. The loco was built in 1947 and last ran in 1976, then the works closed and plant and machinery were sold off. It had originally been supplied new to a Mablethorpe contractor where it was used to move skip loads of spoil to strengthen sea defences in the area. It was actually submerged in the catastrophic floods of 1953, being retrieved by its owners to work on further sea defense measures. It then worked at the Mablethorpe Brick & Tile Company before moving to the Skegness Brick & Tile Company in 1970. It was acquired by a Trust member in 1998.

The loco sits outside the LCLRs shed in September 2010 awaiting restoration to start.

(Photo Mike Newbold)

Being tow started by "Sark" in mid 2019, with a temporary fuel supply, the loco starts and runs under its own power for the first time in 45 years.

Peter attends to the fuel pipes whilst Roger cleans out the radiator.

(Photo Chris Bates)

Being towed again by "Sark" and looking nearly complete 3rd Jan 2020.

(Photo Chris Bates)

Skilfully driven by Brian, the loco performed well under its own power with one or two further adjustments to be carried out.

An outing on the main line a week later to collect the rail bolster from South Loop - 8th Jan 2020

The Simplex gang, Andy, Peter & Brian, returning to the shed with the rail bolster in tow.

Propelling the rail bolster back to the "new" long siding.


Finished loco in September 2020.