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caring for historically important railway vehicles at the LCLR - (Charity Registration Number 514443).

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2016 LCLRHVT Annual Gala

The LCLRHVT holds an annual gala at Skegness, when all our stock is available to view, and demonstration WW1 and other non-passenger trains are run. The 2016 gala surpassed all previous events in terms of visitors and variety of stock in action.

No. 9 "Sark" couples up with "Nocton" at start of the day.

"Nocton" ready to emerge from the shed.

With the engine now started and a slight smoky haze in the air the bonnet is lowered.

"Sark" on right has just pull started "Paul" and returns to shunting duties in the yard.

Our stalwart of the early Skegness days "Major" (built 1944) has had a repaint over the winter and now carries nameplates commemorating the late Major J.A. Robins RE who was president of the LCLR HVT in its first years. (see account of naming on Homepage)

The shed roads with stock on view.

The newly erected somersault signal gets its lamp attended to.

First train of the day await passengers. The accessible carriage "top & tailed" by "Nocton" and "Wilton".

A well loaded train negotiates the curve by the aircraft hangars.

A later train hauled by "Wilton" passes the ex Ashover carriage on the shed link.

"Paul" waits its turn to proceed onto the main line.

The Ashover carriage is coupled up to the accessible carriage to form a two coach passenger train - a first at our Skegness site!

The ensemble leaving Walls Lane station........

..... "top & tailed" by "Wilton" and "Paul".

Two coach train, with "Paul" and "Major J.A. Robins RE" seen in the wooded section of the line.

Out of the woods onto drainside straight.

A station view from the wooded section.

The stationmaster has a full station, with passenger train in the platform and demonstration WW1 train at loop.

1920s bow framed Simplex Motor Rail "Nocton" (named after the Nocton Estates near Lincoln where it worked before being sold to the LCLR in 1960s) stands in station headshunt with 1916 built Class P rations wagon.

Our ticket lady has covered accommodation this year in the wooden station building.

"Wilton" at south loop with a demonstration WW1 train composed of 1917 built Class D bogie wagon and our 1918 ambulance van.


A freight train arriving at South loop with "Nocton" leading and No. 6 on rear.

"Wilton" now hauls the freight back on shed from Walls Lane.