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Jurrasics boiler returns to the LCLR - January 25th 2017.

The boiler arrives at the Skegness base of the LCLR on Wednesday 25th January 2017, after leaving the Weybourne works of the North Norfolk Railway the previous day and overnighting in Lincolnshire.

The locomotive chassis is drawn out of the shed no.1 road and shunted into no.5 road nearest the lorry, by our faithful Simplex "Sark".

Notice the freezing fog - it was bitterly cold!

The boiler is lowered very carefully in between the frames. This was a very delicate operation as clearances were minimal.

The smokebox, which had been removed before lifting, is positioned ready for re-attaching to the boiler barrel.

The team involved with the lift look rightly pleased with themselves as the loco stands in no.5 road ready to return to the shed,

about 4 hours after first arriving on site.

Jurassic looking more like a locomotive again now that boiler and frames are re-united.