Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Historic Vehicles Trust

caring for historically important railway vehicles at the LCLR - (Charity Registration Number 514443).

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Progress on the "Peoples Millions" accessible carriage.


Photo - Mike Newbold.

The restored "Peoples Millions" carriage body is loaded onto a lorry at Mark Eldins workshop in Wainfleet, where it has received completely new woodwork, ready to return to the LCLR on 23rd Sept 2015.

Photo - Mike Newbold

Later on the same day it is carefully lowered onto its restored bogies at the railway.

On 30th Sept 2015 Richard Shepherd and Peter Balderston mark up the steel uprights used to attach the safety rail around the open carriage.

View of carriage showing the wooden safety rail already attached on the other side.

3rd October - The safety rail supports are all in place, the rail has been removed and the whole carriage has had its first coat of gloss paint.

3rd October 2015 - The raised extension to the station platform, to accommodate the new carriage, is well under way as seen here. The brick tower is for the water tank required when steam returns very soon to the LCLR!

7th November 2015 - The "Peoples Millions" coach had had a proving run down the line hauled by "Sark" to test the newly piped up air brakes and the new station platform extension at Walls Lane.

7th November 2015 - Sark brings the "PMs" coach, with LCLR volunteers, into the station headshunt.

7th November 2015 - the opportunity was taken to try out the newly constructed station platform for ease of access.

7th November 2015 - Test successfully completed the train returns to the shed.

Work still required: A second coat of paint then lettering out. Final adjustments to the braking system.

Peter Balderston with one of the newly cast replica builders plates for the class D.

Plate fitted to frames on 5th December 2015, the day of LCLRHVT AGM.

Opportunity taken to take members attending the trust AGM on 5th Dec 2015 for a trip down line - despite gale force winds!

"Sark" runs around the AGM special at South Loop.