Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Historic Vehicles Trust

caring for historically important railway vehicles at the LCLR - (Charity Registration Number 514443).

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The Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway's track in the Skegness Water Leisure Park is being resleepered with material recycled from the London Underground.
A lorry-load of former LUL sleepers was delivered to the Railway on Feb 8th 2017, and work has already begun to cut them in half, to fit under the line's 2' gauge rails and to coat them with preservative, before replacing existing time-expired wooden sleepers.The "new" sleepers are in excellent condition.
The Railway's volunteers have done much to upgrade the track since the end of the highly-successful 2016 season and now have sufficient sleepers with which to continue this process over the next two years.
Photos by Chris Bates show the sleepers' delivery, stacking, cutting and application of preservative.