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19th January 2017 - Boiler steam test

The only hint that the boiler is in steam is a wisp of steam from the safety valve joint. (Pic P. Walkinshaw)

The test gauge showing a boiler pressure of 100 psi. (pic J.Smith)

Backhead view showing gauge glass and steam escaping from a leaking joint. (pic J.Smith)

A pair of new steam pipes. (pic J.Smith)

Boiler on test 10th Jan 2017. (Pics P. Walkinshaw)

Jurassics boiler at Weybourne being hydraulically tested - showing pump connected to boiler 10/1/17. 

Left hand side view of boiler during hydraulic test 10/1/17

Our boiler stands outside Weybourne works on a standard gauge trolley - looking good! 10/1/17

Staying the boiler - Nov 2016

All photos courtesy of North Norfolk Railway Engineering.

The holes for the boiler stays are being tapped in this photo from 18th November 2016.

A close up of the tap and the already inserted stays.

A stay being inserted.

Measuring the exposed end of the stay.

The next job will be to trim the stays to length on the outside and then rivet them over to seal them.